It is indeed a difficult task to coordinate timings of 12 Women for A Chai Session at Home…Especially when the date Happens to be 8th March….
Personally I dont Believe in the concept of Celebrating Woman Hood by A single Day Allotment!
But it was An opportunity to wear A Saree sumthing you Generally dont do when At Home.
Had A Fun Chirpy meet with My Neighbourhood Gals!…
Mumbai had the Chawl system for a very long time….although space was mostly just 12’x14’max..which housed the kitchen too..and an external common Loo…women never complained(unless u were a newly wed..but even they sumhow managed).Reason…was A strong sense of Community and Neighbourhood comraderiership.Now with sprawling 3Bhks with Attached baths in highrise..closed doors speak a different story…Wassup in a small way (altho the addiction has more -ves)has tried to form a connect again….technically speaking that is!
Sumbody needs a maid….sugar..a brown pant for a kindergarteners show…sumones mil visiting..and off course bdays-all is announced on wassup……well I live in one such Neighbourhood.
Coming back to post my chai pe charcha..when i went into sons room saw this random illegible scribble on his whiteboard..for those who cant read it..It says..Happy Womens Day…
and is there a Mens Day?;););)
Well I love my ikat blouse more than the saree here..!

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