#‎100sareepact‬ 23/100
Tonight was our Leadership Conference Dinner . City Chapter Leaders both patients and caregivers from all over the country began their 2 day workshop this morning and after sessions that saw the top most oncologists share their knowledge and expertise and the advocates themselves share best practices we all enjoyed an evening of music , dance and great food together !
After three days of working in tops and tights getting all the stuff organised I was happy to dress up … A chance to wear this Matka Silk in magenta which matches our conference colour . The border and the Pallu have delicate Zari which makes the mustard blouse a perfect match and some dull gold danglers in the ear .
Everyone took the effort to dress up and the open air lawns were bright and cheerful .
We sang and danced and spent time with each other that was quality time !
These are meetings where a lot of sharing and learning is done . I too shared the 100sareepact story with everyone and there were many cameramen at hand to take pictures … I share all of them that are so special because they are of the people whose needs I take care of through my work .

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