When Momi Decides to Host A Chanderi Brunch at BKC in Bandra…U know its gonna be Gooood.I aint a gr8 Chanderi Fan.Set me thinking..why?

Isnt Indore A Hub of most designers deciphering Chanderi Weaves that have gotten as famous as..if not more than the Benares Weaves….Is it its Geographical Topography that it does not fall under my travel jurisdiction… ..but then why do North East weaves make my heart skip A Beat…?
With no further decoding to be done I attribute my ignorance to my limited knowledge of Its Highness-The Chanderi!
And Maybe I was not To the Manor Born…and love my Rustic Cottons /Linen/Silks….with A Passion that knows no Bounds…Wore A Kosa finally…
The koshta community spun kosa who they say have the blessings of the devi herself who wore the Neelaha lugda.
Lot of hard work in drawing double strands of kosa out clean early in the mrng in the thigh. It can go all wrong if its too much or too little…no wonder its done frm the age og 8 or 9.Koshtas have given up the sacred thread janeu as they have to start early with the sizing and handle many an impure task…
Felt good Assimilating this part of Chanderi Kosa History…and Wore this Beige Saree With Much Elan….
I can now embrace A Chanderi..thx to the brunch!
Psst Also look fwd to brunches cos get to catch up briefly with PWC along with other Saree Lovers!!

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