#100sareepact Saree # 4/100 . This style of saree is called the Madisaar, worn by the tamil brahmin community. It’s 9 yards and quite a task to wear. Wonder how our grand mothers used to wear it on a daily basis?

This was worn for my father in law’s 80th birthday. Seen here are my MIL and Co-sister. You’d notice that my MIL, who is from Andhra, is wearing the Iyer style madisaar in this picture. I am an Iyer and she has always admired our style of drape, plus many of her friends in her neighborhood also wear this style of madisaar. So for my FIL’s 80th (which is a pretty significant occasion), she opted for this style over the Andhra style! It’s amazing how she can be hung up on a few things but so cool about many others!

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