19/100 #100sareepact
Amit Hattangadi said, “today also saree? Give it a break, are you going to finish 100 sarees in 100 days?” he continued mockingly, “Compost shopping in a saree?” wink emoticon
Me: Why not? Our mothers and grandmas did every other chore around the house and outside in a saree….
As I was arguing with him on this, I considered the list of long pending jobs were at hand, I also, for a moment, thought that maybe its better to go with salwar kameez or jeans and tee. I had to buy compost, do a second level layering of the compost bin and also go select tiles for our front porch. Had a heavy duty POA for the day ahead. Kept the saree aside and got into my jeans and tee. Looked in the mirror and bells did not ring. The bells just did not ring!!

Got back into a crisp kota saree to match the colour of grey-blue skies and perked it up with some handpainted terracotta jewellry by ANTs. And most importantly wore the happy smile that came free with the jewellry.
Just as we were discussing the quality of compost with Sharanna I got a ping on my phone. A dear friend, Rachana Shetty sent me this link: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/every-saree-has-a-story-to-it-whats-yours-100sareepact/539754-79.html and congratulated all of us and said we all looked gorgeous in the sarees. Her messages brought a smile to my face and I continued with Sharanna.
As I got back into the car to head home for layering the pickled veggie waste with the nice compost we just bought, I replied to Rachana and asked her to join the pact too. Rachana is a beautiful girl, her days are packed with full time job and two little angles at home. As eager as she was, yet, her apprehension was that she will not be able to take on the additional task of managing a saree all day.

This got me thinking, we all adore our sarees. We all admire the grace that comes with it and shower the one draped in it with compliments. Yet, we look at saree as a task that comes with some inconvenience to deal with. And on the other hand, when I ask my mother to pack her jeans and tees for the upcoming China tour, she makes faces. Says, she cant handle that while on tour. What a paradox!
And here I am after 19 saree days (almost continuous) , completely at ease, walking though the muddy waters and buying compost. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. I can sense it already, Its growing on me, in two more days I will cross the threshold.

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