10/100 #100sareepact
Today happens to be my 10th Saree of this pact, happy to reach the double digit. And it also happens to be my older son’s 10th year. What’s the connection you would think.
Had not planned to wear this Saree anytime this year until I got an invite from Ally Matthan and Anju for the #SareeDate . I had bought this saree on a very special occasion, no not my wedding, but when I became a mother the very first time. 9 months into my pregnancy we went to deepam silks on MG road for the Saree selection. As usual, browsed through many, but when I laid my eyes on this peacock blue authentic kajivaram with meenakari and zardozi work on it, I fell in love. I bought it for the naming ceremony of my first born. After that rarely got an opportunity to wear this saree as it popularly goes, we don’t wear grand kajivaram sarees to someone else’s functions. We reserve them for family celebrations.
But, since today’s celebration was about sarees becoming more frequently woven part of our lives, I thought what best could bring in the celebratory mood than the one that officiated me into motherhood. Specially since sarees stand for everything motherhood does too. Strength, love, passion, feminine, grace and resilience!!

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