#100SareePact 20/100 is bandhani on crepe chiffon. Bought it from Jaipur’s Nehru market during on of those work related travels a few years back. Accessories: Bespoke Art by Nidhi Kedia.

Yesterday, our house was the model and we the accessories around it. A friend and promoter of Houzify.com Gunaseelan, has been wanting to do a feature on my house for his blog. Somehow our dates never matched, finally yesterday when his team came home in the evening for the photoshoot, it was a frenzied cleaning day. So, I tucked in my pallu and lifted the pleats and got on with the work. And what works better than a light and flowy chiffon for some weightlifting. (Of course the three boys did most of it).
All that moving things around to fit the frame made us realize, that, no real lived-in home can ever look like the kind of homes seen in ‘Indoor Outdoor’ magazine. Specially a house that is home to 2 boys and 2 dogs. The house is back to its “normal” self now.

As the photographer Karthik was doing his job and the blogger Alexis was interviewing us, she asked me if I was part of the #SareePact. And that took the discussion/interview to a whole new level altogether smile emoticon That’s when I felt the #PowerOfThePact Kudos Ally Matthanan and Anju Maudgal Kadamam for starting something so beautiful

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