Wore this beautiful, unusually colored Orissa cotton for my lunch date today with the world’s most beautiful sisters Malini and Shobana.
The story is familiar to some of you.
It was some year, maybe 2002. My niece-in-law got married in Bangalore and I had come down from Bombay for the wedding. Now the main attraction in a wedding is oota, food, khana. This wedding was a bit different. The groom – from Silicon Valley, mind you! – was vegan and he insisted that every creature in his vicinity (say a radius of 5 miles or so; arre baba, in America, it’s miles, don’t you know!?) was vegan too. So there were no silk sarees allowed, no paayasa, no chiroti, no so-many-fun-stuff at the wedding.
In other words, it was a B.O.R.I.N.G wedding. I feigned a headache (look, I would have eventually got one anyway), jumped into an auto and went off to Indiranagar where Utsav had a sale. I bought two sarees. One of them was this beautiful peacock-coloured Orissa cotton with the most unusual weave especially on the pallu.
I also smuggled in some cold badami haalu to sip during the reception. If caught, I had decided to tell them that my headache (remember?) was due to calcium defiency and the doctor had specifically told me to sip cold badami haalu at vegan receptions grin emoticon
psst…No one dared to question me. I became bold and even went up to congratulate the newly-weds with ‘it’ in one hand. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose to annoy the Sili Valley dude. The doctor had prescribed it for my migraine and one must ALWAYS obey doctors.