Akshata, my daughter, my official photographer and inheritor of all my sarees and junk jewellery (she is very clear on that), is the heart of our home!! She is there everywhere, making up for the quiet demeanor of her brother who is so much older to her, and bringing laughs with her quips and innocence. She wanted me to pose with the rose plate she has designed as part of her craft work. She is mighty kicked about the saree pact and wanted to know if she can join too!
This saree brings some wonderful memories of our official travel to Sikkim and Kolkata, last year in Apr. I remember, we had about 3 hours time before our flight departed. 3 ladies in a yellow/black cab, head to Gariahat and visited only one shop there. We shopped like we have never seen sarees before. We disrobed all the mannequins of their designer sarees – remember we had to take a flight back…. I picked a dozen!! And to add to the excitement, my boss asked me to pick a saree for his wife too…. And yes, we did manage to board the flight.. Just about!! The silver earrings and pendant from Cupraa in Kolkata.

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