6 /100 Kota, my instant pick-me-up on a dull day authentically bought in Kota, in three different colors straight up ! Talk of obsession
Thank you for the warm messages, from friends and complete strangers about the sarees. It’s kept me going, despite the much much embarrassment of posting self pics…
I also received a few other kind messages, some from a complete stranger, who gave me his kind feedback that he can tell a woman’s personality by how she wears her saree ! And, he can tell I am old fashioned, stuck up and serious because of my high waisted, thick cotton, loosely wrapped sarees heartbroken ( I thought I was my Hottst best in sarees ) I looked at all of my five saree pact pics, 50 times, felt mad at Sherlock Holmes and finally agreed he was right !
Of course I am old fashioned and stuck up and matronly, but I can be brave. And the edgiest I can ever get with my saree is to wear a Kota
So here Troll, this saree is for you but you can’t see it, because I blocked you