Ever since I started my alter ego, Mayamma, my life has changed. There was a day when I wanted to play safe. Meet people and just have fun. However, I wasn’t satisfied as a performer. Pondered like a mad man in search of his lost jewels. That’s when I found the crown jewel – Mayamma. Well, she wasn’t polished in the beginning. It took 6 months for her to sparkle and I think that she still has a long way to go.There is always thin line between cross-dresser and drag queen performer. Mayamma is just a performer. She belongs to stage and in front of the camera. You will not get to see her walking on the streets because she is active only in the night

You must be wondering why I am writing this. Well, the journey with Maya as been incredible and yet a struggle.

I have a question to men out there.

Have you ever worn a blouse in your life? Why don’t you try it on?

See, if you are comfortable in it.

Draped a gorgeous saree,

Let it be a Kanchipuram saree or a simple cotton saree,

And, try to walk normally,

No, you can’t,

You will feel weird.

Well, I never felt weird. I was empowered when I wore a saree. The spirit of strength and fierceness would jump into me from the moment I wore a saree. I would turn from a polite boy to a fierce woman by just draping a Kerala saree.

The first saree that I wore was of my Amma. I got the taste for beautiful sarees and how to drape it well from her.  She jokingly said, “Check if the blouse is of correct size”. Of course, she was supportive in the first time. However, she has been in denial about Mayamma of late. I sailed on in spite of no support from my parents. Maya’s sarees shows strength and courage even if there were hurdles in her way.

From the moment, I wore a saree. I knew that I was ready to show the world what is the true meaning of Maya (Magic/Illusion).

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