Today’s beautiful saree , to my chest as I hold

Down memory lane, as I slowly strolled

Savouring and reliving happy memories manifold
I remembered of a time, I was smitten, I was sold!

A saree of White, yellow, green and checks of gold

In my sister’s trousseau had me bowled

The desire to posses the beauty had me controlled

I coveted it, greed arresting me with its chokehold!!!
I went to ask her for it, the want making me bold
Stopping near her room, just before my request rolled
I broke into a sweat, you could say my feet turned cold!
I ran back to my room, fearing my mommy’s scold!!

Breaking the post wedding dole drums scaffold

To satisfy my saree hankering, which had increased manifold
I went to many a store, to see if they have any unsold
Sarees in those lovely colors, a mix that never grows old!!

I was spent, tired and almost reaching my patience threshold

Like in a movie, when distant church bells tolled
I looked at a store’s display, when, lo and behold!
I spied my saree, her pallu in a beautiful fanfold!!!


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