Talking about spirited women from our past who wore their sarees with pride & grace got me rummaging through old albums & here’s what I unearthed! One’s a lithograph & the other is a photograph. Both frm mid & late 1800’s.
I haven’t told many people this. But I was actually christened “Aparanji” after my gutsy great great grandmother. I’ve heard soo many stories about her! 
Some tell me that the first picture could be of hers. 
But after my I lost my grandparents n most of their generation when I was really young, I don’t really have anyone to confirm who these gorgeous women are! I can trace back my ancestors to the early 1700’s…but jus with the names though. These pictures have been in my family for generations.
And I can’t stop admiring their sarees! How creative n what spunk! And look at the never ending pleats!! In a time period with no safety pins I wonder how they carried it off! And the fabric must’ve been pure luxury…wish I could jus rewind time and get my hands on those! Sigh !