Happy New Year to all my dear Bengali friends. Sarees are integral to every Bangla wardrobe. I wear it proudly and know that even though I haven’t speant any time in West Bengal, these are the small ways in which my roots catch up with me.

This pink/mauve/green net is a sari my aunt (Boro Mamima) picked out on one of her trips to Kolkata. She shares my love for vibrant colors and has always managed to pick out exceptional pieces.

Traditionally on New Year (Poila Boishakh) we wear new clothes. However I wore this once already for the same Mami’s son’s wedding ceremony (Bou Bhaat) this December. The Blouse is from another (yellow) saree, stitched by my ever versatile mom to go mixing n matching with fabulous plains and nets like these.

Shubho Nobo Borsho once again everyone. May the new year fill your life with many more colors and joys and sarees. Often they are the same thing 🙂