So in my current topsy-turvy world came new beginnings in many ways – Gudi Padwa, a new role at work, and then a marriage of a dear friend who needed a second chance. With all this of course, was the opportunity to wear a new saree 🙂

This silk saree was an impulse pick from an exhibition. I fell in love with the dull black and white broad checked pattern that came to life with its vibrant magenta border and palla, and big gold buttis. The main body has an entire criss cross of black lines that adds texture to the fabric. And then the green “matching” blouse that connects with the small green border at the edge of the palla.

The best part was when I took it to Pai kaku for the fall peko. She stared at the saree in silence, then went in and brought out an identical piece that she had been gifted the previous week by her cousin from Mangalore!!!! So we both shared a good laugh over saree coincidences before parting ways 🙂 Here is to #59!