Saree Nemesis: Rise of the Chiffon
Saree 3/100:
Every time I go home, I scan through my mom’s cupboard and make a mental note of the saree I would like to take back and add to my non-existent saree collection. My mother has tried her best to dissuade me on numerous occasions. Her reason “You hardly wear sarees and you don’t have space to store clothes in Mumbai!” Won’t argue with her on the space part. Anyway, during my last trip to Aurangabad I decided to pack a couple of sarees to bring back.
My dearest mom, 20 years ago, on her annual summer trips with us to Delhi, purchased this steel blue chiffon saree with floral print along the border from Kalaniketan. But, the unexpected star of this ensemble is the beautiful indigo and white floral blouse. The blouse is from another saree that mom got in her trousseaus. She got this blouse stitched in 1982 from Novel Tailors in Kamala Nagar, Delhi. It still has the original stitching, buttons Until recently, I was a quite a “healthy/plump”. Mom always joked with me “I was 58 kgs when I got married.” Today I can proudly reply to her “I am almost 58 after I got married and fit into your wedding blouses” smile emoticon
Yesterday Harsh and I had an amazing opportunity to watch Tabla maestro, Zakir Hussain play live at the SOI Symphony Orchestra of India – Zane Dalal & Zakir Hussain. The concert was at TATA Theater, NCPA Mumbai. I thought this chiffon saree with a string of pearls would be perfect for setting. Also, after my last week’s successful encounter with draping banarsi saree, I was quite confident and consciously choose to wear a saree for a date night. But was I in for a rude awakening! 2 failed attempts and 45 minutes later, my husband fell asleep waiting to pin my pallu. Dad, Harsh now empathizes with you ☺. I some how managed to get the pleating correct in my 3rd attempt. Standing in the foyer of the theater I could not help myself but ogle at the gorgeous display of sarees. All the ladies were wearing their finest. The room was filled with diverse varieties of sarees in different textures, materials and prints. Harsh had to restrain me from asking an old lady wearing a chiffon lahariya, how did she manage to get her pleats equal length and to stay in place? He said “Honey, she has 60 years of experience in art of saree draping. And you have 1 week. Practice at home.” Luckily the evening did not involve a lot of walking around and I managed to get through it with out my saree falling apart.
I am on my saree #3, but I have identified that Chiffon is my nemesis, from the world of Saree. Until we meet again in 100SareePact.

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