A gift that will last forever
Saree # 5/100: Wore a new black and gold Muga silk saree for our closets friends birthday dinner. Unlike the previous four sarees, this saree is neither borrowed, stolen nor gifted by my mother LOL. It was a Karva Chauth gift from my dear friend Arpita Dabhade Chauhan. Arpita has always been very found of sarees. When she married Sadanand, who is in the Indian Army, she promised to get me a saree as a souvenir from each of her postings. I salute him and her for serving the Nation. People don’t realize that you need a heart of steel to be an Army wife. Their first posting after marriage was Missamari, Assam. She picked up this saree sometime during that period. Muga silk (Muga Paat) or the golden silk is one of the three types of indigenous wild silks produced in Assam. Its name is derived from Assamese word ‘Muga’, which means yellow. The most significant characteristic of ‘Muga silk’ is its golden bright hue. This silk can be hand-washed with its luster increasing after every wash. They say very often the silk outlives its owner.
Our 20 years friendship is quite similar to characteristics of remarkable thing called Silk. Over the years, our relationship has matured into a very strong bond, which will only keep on getting stronger and “brighter”. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift Arpita!