Hmmm. What a revelation my day has started off with!
So, a few months ago I got a lotus tattooed on my back with the Buddhist chant “Om Mani Padme Hum”. It was inspired by a trip to Bhutan & the beautiful rich meanings of purity & strength. I was reluctant to get a tattoo where I couldn’t see…But this somehow kinda felt right.
My tattoos have been recent but they’re very important to me. They’re not random or just designs. A lot of thought is put into each. Their meaning & symbolism is a way of beautifying otherwise scarred situations so I end up remembering the tattoo & not what made me sad.
So early this feb I went to an event in Hyderabad & decided to wear a Tejas saree from my first Silk Cotton collection. Checks n stripes obviously but in an absolutely contrasting pattern. And the blouse didn’t fit?oh the horrors of not checking first!! I had half an hour to be ready. What to do! Cousins asked me to jus wear one of their sarees and be done. But how could I give up on my Tejas saree so soon.
Well…the lotus tattoo came into action here! So I wore my cousin’s completely contrasting pink blouse with my green saree. I channelised the lotus but was sooo nervous about the complete mismatch. It kinda worked out though. Phew!
And the revelation part? A conversation this morning with a very spiritual friend–she told me that the tattoo was close to my ‘Vishuddha’ chakra. The pics she sent me about the chakra, the meaning & how well they’ve connected to me…gosh..I’m still stunned! I’ve sent a few from that