One year just flew by! The pact has done so much for the saree, for textiles, for the weaver…and most importantly for us.
To me, this has’nt just been a wonderful platform for creative expression. It is the place I always come back to; when I’m nostalgic about those six yards. My love for textiles and sarees started during a college project. Well, it is still going strong and it will always be a part of who I am. Here’s a big shout out to all the wonderful story tellers here, to those who made me an integral part of their pact and girito those whom I haven’t even met…but feel like we know each other so well! A big big hug to all my fellow pacters and saree sisters!
This particular Kancheevaram Silk saree is my mother’s. She revamped it with vibrant block print. And of course that caught my eye ;p. But what also stayed back with me was the comment that a fellow pacter made when she saw me…”Oh Tejashri, it is so interesting how you’ve paired cotton bandhini from the north with a silk saree from the south”….It got me thinking about blending the north & the south, about blending traditions across borders. Or was it just a saree tradition?…Is there more to the story? Is something brewing?