All wardrobes have that one corner that is relatively inaccessible – the tallest corner, the one right at the bottom, the corner in the end that calls for some bending, etc. We, or at least I, end up stuffing this corner with clothes that are needed least frequently, and at times the pile gets bigger and forgotten.

So it happened that I was doing my long pending spring cleaning to create space in my wardrobe – with the recent saree use, the space in my wardrobe has become really pricey with sarees claiming the space originally dominated by western wear 🙂 Then I reached out into my inaccessible corner, which had been getting piled up over the years, and discovered this long forgotten saree! What a beautiful surprise and reward for my spring cleaning efforts 🙂

#51 – a printed pure silk saree purchased by my Mom from Khadi Bhandar in Delhi roughly 19 years back. Mom and Dad had gone to my Maushi’s place for a vacation and got back two sarees in identical prints for us two sisters. Di picked the purple one and I kept this peach colored one, as I did not have this color in my wardrobe then (since then I have 2 more!) Those were the days when Mom, Di and I both were in love with Khadi silk and printed silk, and I cannot imagine now why I had put this one away for so long!! Maybe to wait for the matching blouse?

The saree looks beautiful and bright in peach, with a soft fern print in deep purple, interspersed with small orange paisleys. Paisleys in purple, green and pink dominate the pallu but the allure of this saree is the lustre of the peach silk, shining like it was trying to make up for all the years spent in hiding! Matched it with a ceramic neckpiece and earrings and draped this to an SHRM panel discussion around 2016 trends, that went on till late evening. The saree supported me well, the fall staying in place and not a crumple visible! In love with this saree 🙂

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