#80 is one of the few “designer sarees” that I can lay claim to. Another purchase from my fav Pallod, I had really agonized over whether I really needed such a “bhari” saree. Netted sarees were then the rage, and this magenta beauty with green motifs embroidered all over was tough to resist and I finally gave in. The saree lived up to the bhari monicker in a different way – the height of the saree stretched all the way to my neck !! and with the heavy embroidery the weight went up several kilos. So while it draped like a dream, it did weigh me down and got me thanking my petticoat for managing to hold it up in place with every drape 🙂

And yes, this also one of the few sarees I actually went out and got matching accessories for (usually I just match what my mood calls for from my collection), and also got a designer blouse stitched in green. And with all this, the saree never fails to make me feel dressy 🙂

Draped this a couple of days back for a big wedding, and despite net sarees being a bit passe, this somehow fit in well with the glam crowd.