Hmmmm I wore this sareea few nights ago…and I got to post it only today. Which meeeans…that I’m wearing more sarees than I can catch up with!!
Whoa! Me!
So, I was a ‘saree soldier’ (seva dal) with my mum and her group. It was a gruelling 4 hours of work & I had just reached chennai. But I wanted to do it.
And we chose from our rough n tough sarees which have seen their share of dust n paint n a lot more!
All my fellow saree soldiers are so energetic & full of life, that you kinda forget everything when you’re with them! Some of them saw me for the first time after my haircut & they giggled while telling me–tejoooo when you wear a saree now we can see your tattoo clearly! We’ve changed your nickname from ‘Tomboy Teju’ to ‘Tattoo Teju’ seriya??