#100sareepact #sareesin2016 I had said to myself that since I am wearing this saree for the umpteenth time maybe there will be no saree post but as the day progressed it was people by such dear friends who are such an integral part of my existence that the temptation to put it all down and post it too much and I succumb!!!
Meet Wasim, his brother Sohail and their friend Sonu ; all of them young , expert and skilled fishermen already . They take the boats out, throw the nets, drag the catch in and help lay out the “glistening with the setting sun’s rays ” wares on the wooden slabs for the evening market .
And they hang around after school for a bit in the afternoon before the serious work begins and that’s when we have our little gossip sessions.
Out of the three it is Wasim I know best . He is not shy and has always walked up to me with his customary swagger saying Hi Madam . Got really close to him when a few months ago he helped my cousin take my uncle’s ashes all the way deep into the waters for immersion …Babu Mama loved this part of Bombay ; where Mahalakshmi and Haji Ali standing side by side blessed the people of Bombay and so his son was really keen to find him a resting place in these special waters . And when he told me it helped him to know I was there to keep an eye on him I was overwhelmed. That’s another reason for my daily lunch break and sunset visits to the Dharia where I feel his blessings as the waters swell around me.
So back to these young fellows whose day begins at 6am when they set off on foot to their BMC run school and then are kept busy till almost 12 noon and then after lunch and changing out of their uniform they gather at our favourite spot to begin preparing for the work day.
Today we chatted about this and that and I asked them about what their needs were at school and was pleasantly surprised by what they had to say. Oh we get everything we need they trilled : books, bags, uniforms, food …Its wonderful the way our City Administration does so much for those in need . As much as it can. Despite the many challenges. Why do we not acknowledge and share the good stuff? So quick we are to find fault and criticise .
As these three bright sparks rushed off to prepare for their afternoon in the sea I honestly felt my heart swell with pride and respect. Noticing a limp I put my arm and stayed Wasim with a questioning look. So what if his foot was torn by a shard of glass that had been in the shallow water, Wasim was dismissive of the discomfort. Where is your foot wear I said and he just shrugged saying oh who wears anything on his feet. They get stolen anyway. I am good barefoot.
This energy, this positive and eager desire to be about one’s business is what makes this city what it is. Not one moment wasted, not one target missed, no moments of fun sacrificed either.

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