I was in a mid of a serious meeting; my phone beeped.
It was a message from one of my friends asking if I am interested for modelling… !!!!

Cut to, Qissaa, a new boutique got launched in the City of Joy this year. The owner, the event creators liked my #100sareepact posts and thought about me….
Qissaa shoot was indeed a unique ‘Qissaa’(story) for me 

I was asked to drape a saree, provided by the boutique (I voted this between two options) , did a quick make-up and met the photographer.
In the mid of hectic office- hours, over a cup of Chai (tea) and candid chit-chat the shooting was done.
97/100 of#100sareepact is the off-white matka with a unique work of Nokshikantha created with a contrast combination of maroon, green and golden thread that created a magic. A chick neckpiece, a ring with just the bindi was enough to look gorgeous.

For me Qissaa saree shoot was a journey within myself!
I was not in a quite happy state of mind when these images got shot! Rather was fighting back those odd, helpless hours, craving to look back and collect my past…..
The photographs, the feel-good factor, above all when so many praised me and wished me for my future, I felt stronger, more confident and above all beautiful, from within…

I realized I have neglected my softer feelings for a long time, and was stuck to some incomplete story…
But in life we need to accept the change and welcome the unpredictable signals of life; nothing is constant and expectations are risky….. My Qissaa faded, my Qissaa bounced back and my Qissa needs to continue and flow till the Life -Ocean is reached.
Like a river, (Jhelum, the river), my Qissaa of this Life will have intermissions, but not so early ‘The End’!