12/100 – Day 10 Ganesh Chaturti.

Today is the last day of this auspicious festival till the next year. Tomorrow is when we bit adieu to Lord Ganesh with due pomp and ceremony.

Tussar is a kind of silk that is woven with fibres from the cocoon of certain silk worms that lively mainly in natural forests. These are found in various parts of central and eastern India. The fabric once woven is different from regular smooth silk in that it has a very definite texture. The silk tends to be a deep, dull gold in its natural form. Modern weavers have chosen to bleach or dye it into various attractive colours.

This saree, a gift from my parents, Sudha SriSathyan and K.G.Prasad, is a sage green tussar with the design woven in jute, in its natural beige tones. I specially like the traditional “temple” design in the border.

The jewellery I wear here was chosen especially for this saree by my husband, Siddharth. He remembered my having shown it to him a few days before his business trip and recollected the colour to get me this perfect match – a fine filigree pendent encrusted with stones the exact shade of green, strung on a delicate filigree worked chain and matched with simple ear studs in the same shade of green. Thank you, Siddharth!

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