#ShadesofBlue has been in forefront in my sareepact series. Since childhood I had an irresistible attraction towards peacock for its mind-blowing peacock Blue colour.
The first time I got too see a peacock feather was, while doing a scrap-book project for ‘different feathers of birds’ in school. I guess it is still preserved. 🙂

During the process of crafting different saree stories, it was one of my conscious wishes to come up with a Peacock saree tale (read tail 😉 )….. I refrained doing it on the basis of colours (peacock-blue, a very obvious choice), thus selected this special cream-coloured cotton piece from Chaanda pishi’s collection where the peacocks are formed beautifully with blue/green/orange threads.

This was a gift by my father to his toddler-hood friend, Chhanda 🙂
78/100 #100sareepact is my first borrowed saree 😉 for sareepact series…
The saree itself is very ethnic and vibrates a calm environment. The neat thread work adds another layer of beauty to it. For this story, I literally purchased my first series of on-line jewellery set, which illustrates peacocks through the wonderful designs.
On the day of the shooting, there was a twist! Chhanda Pishi wore one of my taant sarees; off-white, pista green border and thread work. So it was a moment of two passionate saree lovers exchanging their sarees and posing for the much awaited saree story!

In Hindu culture, the peacock is the mount of the Lord Kartikeya, the God of war. (Had created a special story on this earlier) Also note, peacock feathers also adorn the crest of Lord Krishna!

While drafting my story got into more depth about peacock, and found, ancient Greeks believed that the flesh of peafowl did not decay after death, so it eventually became a symbol of immortality.
This symbolism was adopted by early Christianity, thus many early Christian paintings and mosaics show the peacock.
In some cultures, the peacock is also a symbol of pride or vanity; due to the way the bird struts and shows off its plumage.

As an Indian, I feel proud to identify the PEACOCK as our National Bird!
What say?

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