#99 So many memories and so much love with this tussar saree! Thank you pact.
Flash Back!
Just got a shouting from my mother for not taking bath and getting ready. ”Do you realize ,your hair will take time to dry? It’s already half pass nine and they will come anytime.” said my mom in a stern voice. Without arguing, I went for the shower. There is a knock at my bathroom door and my mausi (mom’s sister) informs me that ‘they’ are here.
Quick, she said!
I rubbed my hair vigorously with dry towel after my bath, so that they dry fast. Without any help, I quickly draped the saree which my mother left for me at the corner of the bed. (I knew how to drape saree since my college days.) Quickly some kajal in eyes, natural colour lipstick (remember those orange colour one) and a small bindi . Phew! I am ready!
I went down the steps with my mausi in the hotel we where we were staying. There was a long passage and then the glass door, before I could reach the cafe. I lifted my saree little bit and started walking fast, as I am already late. Mausi said politely, ‘Slowly, with gentle step and some grace.’
Smile!, she said.
I laughed! She pressed my palm.
We finally reached the glass door and someone opened it for us. There was a long table and few known faces and many unknown faces were sitting there. All eyes were on me. I was not nervous, but some weird feeling was there.
My brother, escorted me to the chair which was just opposite to Milind. I took a glance of him with a smile and there the magic was already happening. There were bells ringing which only we both could here.
I heard someone say that she is a replica of her dad and looks similar to her brother. I smiled in my own. smile emoticon Oh, so, I am handsome! grin emoticon
Everybody spoke to everybody. I was quite and answered only when asked. I was hungry and there was food on the table. I stuffed one big pakoda in my mouth after dipping it in green chuntney, tamarind chutnet and then ketchup respectively. My papa and mummy, both looked at me in the rhythm. Papa smiled and mummy smirked. Bhai quickly passed me one napkin and a plate. I looked around to check who saw me. I guess, few did but they choose to ignore.
In few hours, I was driving with Milind to the jeweller shop to buy me an engagement ring.
This is that lucky saree of my mother which I wore more than 20 years back, then. She gave it to me few years after my marriage.
This old saree tied me to new city, new house, new relations, new friends,new culture and very importantly, I started my pact with this saree.
Undoubtedly, it’s precious!

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