Nothing less then 100/100…that’s Me!

I always try to give my fullest to the commitment I make to myself. I joined the pact around beginning of May and somewhere deep down I knew I will wear my 100th saree on #worldsareeday. I read during that time on one of Anju and Ally’s post that 21st Dec is World Saree Day. I wore my sarees very regularly, enjoyed writing my stories and wearing so many of my beautiful sarees.

As the days passed by, many people joined and I made so many wonderful friends. My facebook timeline became colourful and full of stories. Lot of festivals passed by and I celebrated them all with lot of gusto with my saree sisters. I cried in some touching stories and laughed at many funny ones, went emotional and sad at few stories as well. I connected with my fellow pacters in those stories. I lived those moments with them by these 6 yards. Well,that is the magic of #100sareepact.

We celebrated, world saree day in Mumbai with so much fun and enthusiasm. Date was in place, Place was well checked, Saree was decided, Mood was set!
I decided very early, that which should be my 100th saree. I wanted it to be a very special saree.
This saree is more than 50years old real Benarsi from my mother’s wedding trousseau, which is extremely precious to her. After my father’s demise, these are those few memories with him, which she holds on to. She gave this saree to me with all her love, expecting me to respect her feelings.
I accessorized it with kamarbandh as shoulder cross belt, which belongs to my mother-in-law, again more than half a century old.
If not for their sarees, my wardrobe would not be half as beautiful, cherished or immeasurable of vintage weaves.
This was my tribute to my two mothers!