A light as a feather Tussar from Gaurisaraiya that looks like a swathe of beaten pearls . It’s sheen still like new even after a decade . The thin woven stripes in the body gives it that glow while the Pallu is a staid cream colour . The little hand embroidered motifs ( for the life of me cannot remember what it’s called ) are so subtle you almost forget it’s there . I love the saree for its understated elegance .
And I am delighted to team it with one of the new Kalamkari blouses . I am so glad I picked up the material when I was Hyderabad and the more I wear them the more I like them . I can even forgive them for hiding my tattoos ! They are so neat . Since the prints are so bold I kept the design simple and basic .
As for my day today , absolutely satisfying as the week draws to a close and finds me ticking off many things on my list of things to do . And meeting young Faisal Ali on his routine visit to pick up his medication . He was three when we met first and will you look at him now all grown up and so smart as he nears ten now . My heart swells and almost bursts with pride and love and gratitude as I look at how he’s grown so well his Leukaemia notwithstanding .
And then Thursday is the day our volunteer Sujata comes in to help us and after ages we managed to find some time to talk and catch up with each other . And of course she had to pose for the Saree Pact in her lovely Kota with the beautifully embroidered border !
And then on the way back home , pit stop at the bakery to get Appa his daily bread and we find it is Christmas already ! We being the usual suspects who haunt the bakery with me , Jude and Abhishek joined today by Ravi from Delhi . I guess they did not join me in the picture as they were not wearing sarees ? Not that Mr Nutcracker was either smile emoticon smile emoticon