Saree 74

Please know that I don’t want to hurt anyone’s religious beliefs and absolutely have no intention of insulting anyone or any religion.

First Beirut, then France and Iraq, Syria and Kashmir and various pars in the world everyday. All we hear the horror stories of extremism. That reminded me of a conversation at a friend’s house when a guest asked me if I was from India, did I marry a man I never met, and then asked do I wear a burkha when I visit India, I explained it to her that I was born in Hindu household. She had no idea that so many religions coexist in India.

This simple conversation is stuck in my mind thinking people in general have no idea about world and it’s geography and demographics. When you hear the people talk about Islam or extremism these will be the first one to jump in blaming the other religion. I do personally believe that extreme faith in religion could cause rigidity and sometime stop you from evolving as a human being, I could be wrong. I so wish and hope so.

So Sunday morning my heart was heavy thinking about those unfortunate people who couldn’t find their calm even in their faith and religion and had to find solace in violence. Every time I hear any of these stories the school children in Peshawar come standing in front me asking for answer. That one incident alone is enough for me to hold every religion responsible that none of them are doing anything they are supposed to do – teach it’s believers to be better human being..

I left home on a sunny afternoon for Hindi Manch meeting where most of us were from India, Hindus met in Jawed Bhai’s home who’s parents were from Pakistan..and he was the first one to wish me a happy Diwali. We all ate, laughed and talked what can we do for our kids and our future, art,Music and literature. We were hopeful and religion was no where close to that discussion.

I came back home restoring my faith in humanity and off course this beautiful orange net bananasi Saree helped..