its a ‘burnt brick’ red coloured pure silk crepe saree with a thin golden zari border..i have to admit it wasnt a very wise choice for such a horribly rain-drenched day..however managed quite well to keep it from getting too wet inspite of having to wade through calf-deep waters inside our college campus..with such incessant rains, d college ground has almost turned into a large pond!..i have even attached a pic of dat here..i guess its my deep love for sarees which makes me protect them so instinctively..

I prefer wearing sarees in solid colours with thin contrast borders..n my mom Aparna Bose n aunt Sriparna Ray​ helpfully kept that in mind while picking up this pretty saree from Nalli’s, Chennai for its a much much treasured gift..

With a total ‘rainy day’ feel in the air n weather getting worse by d hour, Sudeshna n i got out of college early but were in no mood to go home..both were missing our dear dear friend Mou n so we quickly decided to drop in at her cozy flat for some intense ‘adda’..we did have a nice time n were treated to a glass of delicious home-made cold coffee with vanilla ice was undoubtedly ‘comfort personified’..

So apart from d zari border, love n comfort will remain entwined in the threads of this simple yet elegant saree for as long as d saree will be with me..

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