Again my favourite bandhni georgette..but this one i borrowed from my aunt Sriparna Ray..a few days back she had come over to our place wearing this n i was simply in love with d she insisted i wear it for d pact..n lucky me coz i found out just d right blouse n jewelleries to go wid it!!

D saree is in an unusual combination of colours..its in a half-half style but across its width..d upper half is done in alternate blocks of bright turquoise blue n cobalt blue n d lower half is in alternate blocks of peach n burgundy..d splash of such varied colors gives d saree a happy, bright n cheerful look..n dat was exactly wat i needed today morning.. coz yesterday night an episode of sleep paralysis had left me all drained out n shaken n i was really having a hard time getting started..something had to pull me out of d trance n dis saree just did d needful!

I accessorized it with a pair of silver n turquoise blue earrings, an old favourite of mine, wich i had bought from New Market years back..a turquoise blue pendant wid a silver chain (it was a gift from my best friend Anindita Mukherjee​..a pendant wich can b worn both ways..a few days back i had worn it d other way..a black stone encased in oxidised silver..with my mom’s hieroglyphics printed saree)..a turquoise blue bracelet from Jabong..n a big glamorous dancing peacock ring, set with multicoloured stones..i was amazed how all d accessories went so well wid d saree!!

A busy day at work didn’t give me time to find out a different backdrop for my mommy dearest Aparna Bose​ took on d role of my photographer as soon as i came back home..same room, similar poses..i wanted something different..n then there’s this one thing that came to my mind..thnx to my old friend cum fellow pacter Sreemoyee Tarafder Chattopadhyay​ one of her saree posts she was wearing this yellow n violet chiffon saree n had draped d pallu around d neck like a scarf..i really liked it then..i thought why not try it once..n so i posed like her just for one of d pics..