d been away from work for a few days following a short episode of food poisoning.. extreme weakness still prevails which is why i was definitely not in a mood to drape a saree today..but when enthusiasts are all around u, what choice do u have?..so there i was being prodded by my mum to wear one..n when d fresh stack of perfectly ironed n neatly folded sarees were delivered at my doorstep, i decided to give in..i chose dis butiful blue number i had picked up from Baanshi a few days back..its a mixed weave of resham n matka..n it was a case of luv at first sight too..i just luvved d blue hue, d check design,n d copper-ish border..teamed it up with a blue ceramic n onyx bead neckpiece n earrings i had picked up from Cupraa/Cafela recently..

College today seemed to be an abandoned place with no students in sight..thanx to d ‘lovely’ weather (hope u get d sarcasm here!)..but nevertheless we decided to put d place into good use..as a backdrop for my sareepact photo shoot..n then we, my photographer n i, decided to leave early..

The past few months have been quite tough for both of us..n this coupled with constant time constraints had left us craving for a teency weency bit of comfort in watever form it might be.. today finally we got hold of some time to spare in search of our very favourite comfort food..ice cream!!!..off to south city mall we were..she had nolen gur icecream n i had south indian pure coffee ice cream..d new flavours brought such a smile to our faces..

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