today i ws almost forced to drape a new saree by my was a mood lifter of sorts..a biscuit colored matka saree with grey khesh patlipallu..a unique combination n two very butiful colors artistically brought together in one saree.. accessorized it wid a multicolored onyx neckpiece n earrings set..d colors of d beads gelled sooo well wid d khesh design!

Actually i had started d day wid a very bad mood..after my freak accident in 2013 n a series of wrong treatments over a span of 7months thereafter i hv been rendered weak wid a partially damaged right has become a chronic problem now n keeps knocking me down at a result m often forced to take leaves from work much to my discontent..this tym i hv been suffering since last friday n m experiencing a lot of difficulty in goin to work..for i have no other option but to travel by local train n hiring a car becomes way too expensive..this morning when my knee was sore due to nerve pulls d whole night thru, i was in tears..i was wondering..d way thngs r going will i b able 2 work properly till my retirement age?? amount of consolation from my mother was working..n then my aunt came to our ‘rescue’..?
My mother almost pushed me about n made me dress up..n my aunt kind of dragged me out of d house along wid her to a handmade jewellery exhibition hosted by Cupraa/Cafela..i had initially planned to go there but today i had lost all interest..nways both my mom n aunt were successful in making me feel a bit better..n by evening i was not as glum as in d morning..