17/100 @100sareepact

Mother’s Day continues ….. with a dash of FB in it! This is Ragini: my favourite recent acquisition, bought at Jayaram’s in Hyderabad in 2014, when we went on a study tour. I first wore it for a favourite student batch get together in February 2014, and had a hit dp with it.

My daughter wore Ragini in May for a day-wedding of a friend, and had yes, a very well liked dp again.

I again wore Ragini for my niece’s wedding morning in March this year, another hit dp.

And another morning wedding, me and my daughter posing together…..

I like the simple elegance of this mossy green Gadhwal, with little zari leaves on it, and the magenta border makes it regal. I wore junk, and later gold jewellery with it… Anyway a hit. Just like her name… Like the success of a Ragini depends on the artist rendering it, a saree’s beauty is brought out by the different women wearing it.

A short holiday… So I’ll catch up with you later, meanwhile, get ready to join the #100sareepact!