This slinky , slithery Saree is brand new and a Diwali and Just Like That gift from Ektaa and Abhishek and I love it . Black and ivory is dramatic in itself and that red bit on the pallu is a welcome surprise . Decided to match it with a red blouse therefore and it’s what I wore for my long day at the North Colombo Teaching Hospital in Ragama , about an hour’s drive away from Colombo.
The morning was so beautiful and the light awesome in the portico of the hotel I had to ask the young lady at the breakfast desk to take a picture . She was intrigued when I told her about the Saree Pact and has promised to take as many pictures as I want during my stay here smile emoticon
I am here in Colombo to meet with the patients and their treating physicians who are part of my work in the region and this was the first patient core group meeting . I cannot even begin to describe the feelings as I met them all for the first time . We chatted , shared testimonials , I read out from Maximo and the Big C to two groups . And again it was brought home to me that this was a book for everyone and there is a child in each one of us . Adults and youngsters alike went home happy to take a copy each .
The doctors and their team : what does one say about them ? Dedicated and compassionate . Teamed with professionalism . And happy to , as we chatted over Tea and Lankan delicacies , to hear about our Saree Pact and pose for a photograph. The Lankan ladies wear their sarees with so much style and grace smile emoticon In fact the understated elegance of the Sri Lankan persona is evident in every facet of their lives.
Soft spoken and quietly efficient , nothing is in your face . Their homes are brilliant examples of simple but elegant and stylish lines. Minimalistic. No clutter . Nothing is In Your Face !!!
After the long day’s activities came to an end , Dr Senani took me home for lunch . Her lovely home is a perfect example of the simplicity and style I am talking about. And her beautiful garden with the bamboo and ebony trees, the cherry trees and pepper vibes and a sandalwood tree too . Perfect setting for showing off our sarees.
In fact I am not going to write more but share the lovely note Dr Senani sent me this morning . It encapsulates the sheer generosity of spirit of the doctor and her team and rewards me amply for the little I do.

Dear Viji,
I do not know how to thank you for spending an entire day with me and my patients in Ragama today.
Your visit to my department today meant a great deal to the technical staff as well as my colleagues who have worked tirelessly since 2005 with my patients.
Your time spent in our department talking to the patients and reinforcing the importance of compliance and continuation of drug therapy would undoubtedly help our patient management.
My highlight today was not your meeting with the patients but you playing cricket with the boys.
That really broke my heart.
I do not think either of the boys parents ever have spent time or even thought of playing with their children in their lives.
You gave them something beautiful to remember you by.
Thank you so much Viji!
If you could only have seen the expression on Roshan’s face as he hugged the two books that you gave him!
You would have cried. That probably was the most precious gift he probably received from any one in his little life.
Thank you so much Viji for giving so much of yourself to these little children who have suffered much.
It was an absolute pleasure meeting you today and having you spend so much time with us
God bless you

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