Saree #3 from Poompuhar, the Tamil Nadu emporium in Delhi during that rushed wedding shopping spree . A beautiful maroon Kanjeevaram with the traditional thread weave in mustard and green and with a broad mustard border the zari still shimmering as it did 41 years ago when I wore it for my reception.
So here is this beautiful saree that I am wearing to the special Diwali party that Alakta and Salim have invited us to … Almost another Reception .
Their beautiful home made a perfect setting as we recreated that evening . Dear Chumki and Ani who have been our dearest friends ever since our Venezuela days were there to bless us and amidst much mirth and laughter , Alakta trying to organise the shoot . The original photograph taken at the Reception in 1974 served as a guideline and I had to look to my left and smile and Venky had to put his hands behind his back and not show his teeth if you please ????
Alakta and Salim you guys are the best .
And thank you dear friends Sunil and Sharonne, Raja and Sheetal , for making this evening so special !!! And posing for my pictures and being so patient with the whole hungama .
The #100sareepact has everyone rooting for it and espousing it as their own cause . So eager is everyone to see this post uploaded that even the awesome dinner is kept waiting . So here goes !!!!

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