My Diwali ‘New’ Saree . A glorious magenta and black Bengal cotton that caught my eye at O.M.O. my favorite boutique in Bandra or anywhere else for that matter .
And the perfect match for the new Kalamkari blouse I’ve been dying to wear .

All photos of this combo credited to Raj who is neighbor,buddy and occasional Sunday afternoon Chalo “let’s watch a movie or the match together” companion .

It is a great honour to have this young man come home on Diwali every year as on his birthday and take our blessings . We have known him ever since we came to Thane . Maybe since he was a young school kid . I remember the difficult time when he lost his dear mother . In fact that’s from when Raj came into my orbit . Seen him grow up in front of our eyes , finish school , college and grow up into this fine young man caring for his father and working hard to become the successful Dentist he is now .
Mentalfloss is his handle on Instagram and how I love his sense of humour !!!

I get very upset when people generally like to be just so dismissive of the younger generation today without even understanding their needs and the given they have to contend with .
Raj is the leader of the pack of some really smart young men and women who live in my apartment complex . They were like 6 and 8 or 10 year olds when we moved in and now so talented and accomplished and each one working in amazing arenas excelling in their chosen field .

Appa was bullied into taking a picture of the two of us for his Instagram post and I still cannot get over how the colors we are wearing match !!!

The day was peaceful at work with not many patient visits but we all had the time to catch up with so much pending work . And the printer brought the copies of the reprints of Maximo and the Big C which was the best Diwali Gift ever . And we did our Diwali Team Lunch too . It’s great to get out of office like this and the few minutes we spent on Marine Drive also alerted us to a good feeling that maybe , just maybe , the weather was changing?

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