That evening we ventured out shopping for my daughter for Durga puja. “We”, specifically means hubby had also graced us with his company although shopping for him is more of an ordeal bearing the brunt of walking around malls and waiting patiently outside the many trial rooms that our girl walks in and out, so much like a princess. On such times, I silently also notice a spark in my hubby’s eyes, that, which only I decipher, that which gleams in joy seeing her happy and gathering stuff she so cherishes. As if it all washes away his angst and a smile alights on his face. If only I had a bottle in which I could trap such moments, then I would, and seal it with a cork so tight and treasure it to eternity.

After her shopping, and the store so familiar which also shelves the most exotic traditional sarees, an army of their staff surrounded us only to coax me into indulging in some. I had almost bought some few sarees just some days back for puja, yes yes some of which the hubby is always so oblivious. Call it cheating or whatever, I think we all women do this, amass clothes, bags and shoes, shhhh quietly without the walls knowing too. Until the shoe rack starts rattling with a deluge or the cupboard no more can hold itself and flings open, we all do this madness much to merrymaking that brings solace to our starved minds.

Yet how can you not buy one saree again when the hubby himself orders to look into some with those gestures thru his eyes? And so here is that Ikkat, that which I always wanted to buy. Enough is never enough ???

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