Completed a milestone with my Saree-experience this year in celebration of Children’s day.
Saree story # 25
Occasion: Celebrating children’s day special event, ‘Jeevan Ek Umang’
Junior and Senior children aged between 5-15 years, residing in different parts of Gurgaon, studying in different schools came together few years back to form a group called Pure Hearts. This is a social initiative through which children engage themselves regularly on various social causes, from awareness campaigns and drive on Environmental day to organizing special events for old age and orphanage homes. Parent volunteers help them in executing their ideas and connecting them with NGOs so they can raise funds for them. This year an organization was selected which is directly involved in treating seriously ailing children from the economically weaker sections, for which Pure Hearts’ children decided to raise funds by children’s day.
Months of planning, meetings and rehearsals were reflected on 15th November in Epicenter through a series of events to bridge the gap between privileged and underprivileged children. With a wide range from organizing rock event, dance performance on an Indian classical form (Kathak), dance by differently-abled children and a drama enacted by Pure Hearts’ children themselves on spreading awareness on child trafficking, child labor and child molestation.
Coming to my saree story, this is a saree which is unique in itself called Bhopalshahi, a type of multi-colored laheriya with a zigzag pattern. I saw it in one of the saree groups this year and loved it at first sight and purchased it from a lady from Rajasthan residing in Gurgaon now. I also have a joke for this saree that any child can play the game, ‘tippie tippie tap, what color you want’ with this saree 🙂
To represent the event’s theme ‘Jeevan Ek Umag’, mother volunteers for the event decided to come dressed as colorful as they can and I was happy as I knew I have something very unique to go with that from my own saree collection. Enjoyed wearing it second time this year and every moment of the show.