The Diwali Padwa is one of the few festivals in the Maharashtrian tradition that honors the bond between husband and wife. I don’t believe in religious rites or fasting or the typical wife pujas. But I do look forward to the Padwa ritual where the wife prays for health and happiness of the hubby, and vice versa 🙂

I wanted to wear something bright, light and dressy today. While doing the Diwali rangoli I was getting distracted thinking about which saree to wear. Then, looking at the bright rangoli in pink, yellow and blue, I was suddenly reminded of this colorful silk in green, bright pink, and golden yellow. Perfect for the day!

Once again a saree I claimed as mine from Di 🙂 She had got it as a gift but draped it rarely given the bright colors. Diwali and my rangoli both were an invitation for this saree and so here is #27, my rangoli saree 🙂