Saree story # 26
Occasion: For an important meeting, cause of which really interests me.
I’m repeating this saree that was bought from Vimor this year after joining the pact and got to know that they have real good collection.
Earlier also I’d worn it for an important and special meeting and today also, and looking at the satisfactory results post both the meetings, I can call it my ‘special meetings’ saree 🙂
With winters started, I wore it different styled and also for the first time I wore saree on a meeting around winter time.
For someone who remained a no-saree person except on special occasions like weddings of siblings or my own wedding, and few times very rarely, wearing saree on many occasions has started to become a habit. That I enjoy very much, it gives me now a different comfort and attitude, like I always have in my plain jeans 🙂

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