Saree story # 24
Occasion: Deepawali
On Tuesday midnight, I’d put flowers and ashoka leaves on the entrance door of our house and for Diwali morning on wednesday, I got up early to put Kolam (rangoli with rice flour paste), I learnt from how to put Aishwarya Kolam, rangoli with dots. And as I thought I’m good at connecting the dots, it will be easier 🙂
But, it definitely takes some practice, and it was suggested also to practice it on paper before doing it on floor. And I realized that when I had to re-do it few times; rice flour paste made it easier for me to do corrections, whenever required while putting the kolam.
After sometime when it was done, it looked Ok to me, so I started my day with other preparation for Puja in the evening, while the kolam could get dried.
I prepared sevain kheer and tomato upma for the day. Around early evening when the rangoli dried up, I and my child added colors in our kolam by filling the triangles with colored rice grains and colored Boorada (wood sawdust).
I had plans to wear my 9 yard wedding saree in madisar style for evening puja at home, yes lot of tough things I planned to do in this Diwali 🙂
I had already searched and saved a youtube link ( on how to drape madisar. It took few attempts to call it remotely close to just Ok madisar.
I still did not get Gajra (Veni) that I could put in my hair today in any nearby flower shop.
We worshipped Laxmi Ganesh and Ram by offering our prayers, prasadam and lightning lamps.
I preferred to light diyas that were put in every nook and corner of the house and at our entrance and suggested my husband and our child to go and enjoy the crackers they’d purchased for the day.

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