Birthday today and celebrating and sharing with 100sareepact. Its really a gigling. I have many pictures to shares but not took permission from my friends whether to upload the picture here or not. So single pic uploading with a knife in cake. Usually I dont like to cut the cake coz’ its so soft…I always give it to other to cut it… Neelam my youngest friend brought the cake and she switched off the lights and she called me to cut the cake. Really the way all surprised me differently remembered me my childhood days. I love all Love this day and cherish forever as I got a gift that too is saree for 100sareepact. I will wear it on 99/00 because I love the numerical no.9 and that is when it is in double digits it is double dhamaka. I am in Blue tussar silk saree which I puchased from my aunty and the flower were embroidered by her. We call her fondly Kalyani aunty, and the coulour turquoise blue I love the most. Thanku to all my friends who made my day a big day. Remember you forever.

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