Saree story # 22
Occasion: Diwali Pre-celebration with a dearest friend.
We know each other for almost two decades now. Touchwood! 🙂
Brilliant mind, very focused, hard working and sincere for anything and everything she does. We used to sit together in a small center after college classes at graduate level to prepare for MCA and she made it in her first attempt in the Delhi University. We used to have our full masti there, making fun of scholars sitting in front row, little did we realize then she will get married to one from the same first row after few years 🙂
This year our pre-diwali celebration started with her family at their place and it was a wonderful time our families spent the whole evening, bursting crackers, having delicious chole bhature. With each passing year, she surprise me with her interests that she turn into talent, teaching children, cooking and many many more…
Even after taking classes of teaching children for couple of hours in evening, only because I asked her to wear saree for the evening for our meet-up, if possible, and she wore it…how lovely saree is that, but not lovelier than my dearest friend gesture :):)
I’m repeating this Maheshwari saree that I’d purchased by Nirmala Nimesh Varma this year after joining saree pact, and this yellow puja saree as i’d shared in my story before, was another love at first sight.

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