This beautiful saree is as beautiful as the owner. Saree’s owner is my MIL’s Sis in law. As told by my MIL her name is Padma all the children fondly call her as Padma aunty. She is having a heart of Gold, and always a giver. She is a woman in need is a woman indeed. whoever ask anything she gives immediately without thinking a second. As there is a saying give with right hand without the knowledge of left hand. To narrate about her is narrating about God. She is very much like God. The most kindhearted woman on this earth. Till date I have not met her only saw in photos. But only heard about her richness of heart and kindness of her. Coming to the point this beauty is belongs to her and given to my MIL. This was purchased by her in Singapore many decades ago. I saw this beauty lying in the almirah of my MIL. I picked up this from there. Its is very soft and silk. The border of the saree is in golden and self green design all over the saree. This shade in the green I love it. Beauty is to be seen not to touch like that I feel about this saree. Looking at this beauty I fill my eyes. This worn for only 100sareepact

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