It can be ‘Neela Aasmaan’, or ‘Blue sky and white clouds’, or ‘Summery splash’!!!
Suggestions poured from my loved ones who are closely following my sareepact series…

60/100 is one of my treasured sarees which is too close to my heart. I clearly remember, wearing it first time on the first morning of Haridwar trip during the romantic winters of 2007….. 🙂
Cut to the upcoming winter of 2015, 60/100 #100sareepact moment ultimately got shot in front of the wonderfully landscaped pool, with the lazy afternoon sky behind!!
My office colleagues were too excited about these candid shots and wondered how I will portray this in the story!!

60/100 is a pure white crepe, with sky blue leafy print in the entire body. The borders are mounded by heavy colourful embroidery work.
The look was complete with my three quarter net-sky blue blouse, leafy golden neck-piece and sky blue-leaf earpiece, the latter being the newest on-line purchase.

My thought behind the story of ‘Blue Pool Crepe Splash’ is how immensely feminine, a women can look wearing a saree even at the Poolside! Swimsuit loses all the charm next to a beautiful drape; rather the drape adds so much of imaginations… 😉
The colour of my blouse and the saree border became a part of the pool water and the sky up above gave a horizon of fancy thoughts…

Enough of blue romance with keyboard & words…
It will be a long break after this story, so chill, have pools of thought and drown the imaginations in the #ShadesOfBlue!

Have a wonderful Diwali ahead!!!