In the morning a quick meeting to attend. Hopped into the car with Lopx. Turned into a road and two gleaming ladies peeping out of a red car!!! After a momentary lapse recognition set in and braked! Quickly a camera flashed out but then the horns blared! A few heads peeped out of the autos and cars!!! Promised the lady in red car to turn around and stop by. Quickly did a u turn, and the red car parked and right ahead parked ours! Four crazy ladies jumped out of the respective cars! Two in sarees and two ready to shoot us! Impromptu poses on the road and good amount of laughter and fun. Hopped back into the cars and headed off into our respective direction.
It was my lil brothers birthday . He is very special for me. I was 17 when he was born and is very dear to me. So being there for him on his birthday was mandatory even if I had to travel for two hours to reach his house. My aunt and uncle had flown in from Chennai as a surprise for him!
I had worn a saree that was bought many years ago! A printed silk saree with an abstract print on credits… The lady in the Red car Sunanda Sunanda Sastry

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