#83 Bhakti and I went for the Lakme Fashion Week sometime back. After the show got over we walked through the exhibitor’s stalls. We came across a beautiful Paithani stall from Yeola. Theyl were all exclusive and expensive pieces. One of the weavers showed us a saree which was ravishing and took almost 6months to be weaved. He mentioned that this design is very similar to the design that once adorned the tail wing of the British Airways.
He mentioned that few years back, British Airways decided to dress the tail fins of the airplane with art and designs from international artists and other sources to represent countries on British Airways route network. Traditional designs from across the world like a tartan from Scotland, an Egyptian tent panel, a Paithani saree from India etc. So, the airline wore a saree on the tail fin.
Parrot green and orange, Magenta and violet, Royal purple and Peach-pink, Paithani is not shy about its colour choices and it stands out for its vivacious combinations as much as it does for its distinctive style.
Usually, Paithani weaving chooses to keep the main body of the sari quiet, it could be either plain or with simple buttis, saving the drama for the border and the pallu.
My beautiful Paithani is from my wedding trousseau.The original colour is lakshmi pink but after almost 119 clicks and test of patience of my daughter we couldn’t capture the right shade.
In this photo on the top left, you can see the BA tailfin image too!

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