58/100 #100sareepact is officially my first ‘Bohemian’ saree my friends 😉
It has been tagged as a Bohemian piece by none other than its creator, designer Piya Sen.
Wearing a saree and having a hippy mind, is what I am from within 🙂

The exhibition hours were almost over, I was in an exit mode when this quiet corner zone caught my attraction. A single, smart young lady was officially hosting the stall giving a proxy for her designer friend.
I simply loved her genuine and honest intention and eagerness to present her friend’s designs.
Wonderful innovations with simple touches made it a genuine collection.
The total package was too much! I had to go for this wonderful creation.

When I asked Piya, what was her thought behind this piece, she simply reflected uncannily my mind and thus 58/100 moment is dedicated to you Piya, as well as all those ladies who feels ‘Saree’ is just not a nyaka (acting like a coy) or wedding attire.
It is bold, bohemian, crazy, sensuous, elegant stuff that we are proud to present….

The saree reflects 3 different colours and patterns in a sober way. The pallu is cotton hand-loom khesh, blue part is cotton ikkat and the rest is butter cotton malmal….
In fact there a bit of strange similarity between 58/100 ‘ Boho’ and 57/100 ‘Fusion’ saree too, but that reflects how I love my unconventional art mind !!

58/100 saree moment was attending a family get-together, on the occasion Bijaya Dashami .

Last but not least, the silver /wooden jewellery piece from #Qissaa and the beautiful ‘botua’ gifted by Buli added those final touches of my alternative, experimental look of the evening…

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